Your need to start making 【handmade lure】


Your need to start making 【handmade lure】

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  Well, this time

 “What you need to start making handmadelures”

I want to start making lures, but I don’t know the necessary tools.

We will introduce the minimum necessary tools for those who are like.

Be reading this article

You can work on lures

smoothly with the minimum necessary tools.

The most

Tools are also important, but I think that the important thing in making a handmade lure is your idea and the feeling of having fun.

handmadelure making tools
  • Saw
  • Sword
  • Sand paper
  • Wood
  • Bond
  • Wire

【Saw】used when cutting wood.

【Sword】 Used when molding. Even with a cutter.

【Sand paper】 Used when molding. Even with a stick file.

【Wood】 I use balsa wood. Use your favorite wood.

【Bond】 I am using two-part. Use your favorite bond.

【Wire】 Used for the middle shaft. 0.9mm is recommended.

Of course…

there are many types of woods, Such as ceder and firewood.

There are many better tools.

It’s another pleasure to find the right tool to make a better lure.

The most

Again, important thing is that you have an idea and fun.

I hope this article will help your process.

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