Recommended 【wood】 for 【handmade lures】


Recommended 【wood】 for 【handmade lures】

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  Well, this time

“Recommended wood for handmade lures”

There are various types of trees, including soft, hard, dark, and light.

We will introduce wood that is suitable for making lures for the first time.

Be reading this article

You can know

the best wood for handmade lures.

Balsa wood is recommended.

“rein to pencil” recommends

balsa wood.

Because it is soft and easy for beginners to process.

Let’s take a look now.

First of all, it’s soft.

It is so soft that it can be pushed in with a nail.

Even scissors

you can easily cut with scissors.

Even just a paper file.

Can be easily molded.

Of course…

Since it is soft and easy to process, there are some parts with weak strength.

We will cover that in the later work process such as coating.

The most

I think that it is to try various wood and find the wood that suits you.

I hope this article will help your process.

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