About 【coating solvents】for【handmade lure】


About 【coating solvents】for【handmade lure】

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“Types and characteristics of coating solvents for handmade lures”.

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Types and characteristics of coating solvents for handmade lures.

 I introduce to type of coating solvent.

No.1 Cellulose cement


・High strength

The necessary and sufficient strength can be secured.

・Fast curing

Fast curing time and easy work.

・The finish is clear and beautiful.

Clearest finish among all solvents.


・Thin coating film.

One coating is so thin that it has to be coated many times.


The phenomenon of whitening occurs when the humidity is high during coating.


It is easy to color flow during curing.

No.2  Urethane solvent


・Thick film

The number of coating processes is small.

・Less paint loss

relatively less paint loss.

・Shock resistant

As it has a little cushioning property, it is easy to receive impact.


・Long curing time

Slow drying slows down the coating process.

・Easy to peel off

It is easy to peel off because the films are not bonded.

No.3  Epoxy resin


・The thickest film

The coating process can be completed in a small number of time.

・color does not flow

Since it is not a solvent, it can be coated without dissolving the paint.


・Long curing time

Slow drying slows down the coating process.

・May change color

The color may change depending on the paint.

Of course..

Advantage and disadvantage.

Every coating solvents has its pros and cons.

The most

Try to find the coating agent that suits you, trying it out many times.

I hope this article will help your process.

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