【recommend】【coating solvent】【handmade lure】


【recommend】【coating solvent】【handmade lure】

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  Well, this time

“The recommended coating solvents”


I know there are various solvents, but which one should I use?

This time, I will introduce my recommended solvent to answer such question.

Be reading this article

You can learn

The most suitable coating solvent.

 I recommended

cellulose cement.

“rein to pencil” recommend cellulose cement.

Let’s explain why.

No.1 Fast curing.

Fast curing time and easy work.

Also, the coating operation only needs to be immersed in the solvent liquid.

No.2 High strength.

The strength is high,

so you can make a strong lure.

No.3 The finish is clear and beautiful.

Gloss is the best among other coating agent.

Even if it is first time,

it is easily finished with high quality.

No.4 Very economical.

It is very economical because it can be used up to the end.

Of course…

There are disadvantages.

Since the melting power is strong, the paint may flow.

Also, it becomes white when the humidity is high.


It is recommended “rein to pencil” because it is easy to handle even for beginners and has a good finish.

I hope this article will help your process.

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