【decorate】【handmade lure】【shellfish】


【decorate】【handmade lure】【shellfish】

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  Well, this time

“Using shell decoration, which is a technique of traditional crafts, we make handmade lure works that are unique”

Be reading this article

You can learn

About shellfish used for decoration.

We will introduce japanese “RADEN” which is one of the traditional craft techniques.

It’s an unnecessary process…

It is a process that is not necessary at all in making a normal lure, but this is a lure that can be proud of “rein to pencil”


Then, introduce

No.1 Shell type.

“rein to pencil” uses blue and white mussels.

New Zealand shellfish are also popular.

No.2 How to use.

After cutting it into the shape you like, paste it with a transparent adhesive.

But on a curved object like a lure,

crush it like this and paste it.

No.3 What kind of effect can be obtained.

An important flushing effect as a lure can be obtained from the power of nature.

It is also very beautiful as a decoration.

No.4 There is also a seal type machined for easy use.

This type is sealed.

This makes it easy to decorate curves, which was not good in the past.

Of course…

Other seals are easier to work with.

Also, the price is cheap and easy to get.


Decorated shells have the charm of nature.

Although it takes a little time, we using decorated shells for “rein to pencil”

I want to keep the traditional craft regardless of the shape.

I hope this article will help your process.

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