What is 【Japanese】 【lacquer】??


What is 【Japanese】 【lacquer】??

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  Well, this time

“What is Japanese lacquer??”.

Be reading this article

You can learn

About Japanese lacquer.

I will introduce…

Lacquer is a natural paint.

Lacquer is a paint collected from nature.


Let’s introduce the unique charm of natural paint one by one.

No.1 Hard and flexible.

The hardness of the coating film is much harder than ordinary chemical paints.

Yet, it is a mysterious paint that is flexible.

No.2 Resistant to any substance.

Lacquer is also resistant to acids, alkali, salts and alcohol.

It also has excellent water resistance, antiseptic properties and heat insulation.

No.3 Has strong adhesion.

It has excellent adhesive properties and has been used as an adhesive since ancient times.

No.4 There is a unique luster.

There is a unique luster and color that can only be expressed in lacquer.

Of course…

Not everything is all-around, and there are some weak points.

For example, it is weak to ultraviolet rays and vegetable oils.

After that, it may be worn off it you touch the skin.


I thinks it is a very attractive paint.

“rein to pencil” wants to continue to make lures from things that can be obtained in nature.


However, since it is a limited resource, you want to use it with great care.

I hope this article will help you in this fun process.

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