【shape】the【image】to【handmade lure】


【shape】the【image】to【handmade lure】

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  Well, this time

“How to shape an image of a lure”.

Be reading this article

You can learn

You can shape the image of the lure you want to make.

I will introduce…

The idea is important.

The image you want to make is most important.

This time,

I will show you how to actually make that image.

No.1 Export an image.

First, write out the shape of the lure you want to make.

At first it may be a simple feeling.

No.2 Determine length and size.

At this stage, determine the length and size.

Determine the height, width, and height so that the overall balance is good.

No.3 Export at center of cross line.

Write the determined length and size at the center of the cross like this.

Measure slightly longer than required, it is about 6mm.

No.4 Prepare a compass.

The curved part is written out with a compass.

It is recommended that the compass has a rigid shaft so that curve does not shift.

No.5  I will draw a curve.

It’s easy at first, but you can draw more accurate curves by using the calculation method.


Click here for curve calculation method

No.6 Cut out.

Carefully cut out with scissors or a design knife.

No.7 Open the front through hole.

Since the front part gets caught, I will make a hoke so that I can pass it through.

No.8  We will create a horizontal template.

Next we will create a horizontal template using the some procedure.

No.9  I will calculate by the upper and lower.

Since the back and belly have different vertical lengths, we will calculate them separately.

No.10  complete.

If you match the wood before molding, it is OK.

Of course…

It is not strictly accurate because it is manual.

In the present era, I think that drafting and figure making software are the mainstream.


It can be well covered with technology and experience.

And I think that we can approach areas that can not be expressed by machines.

I hope this article will help your process.

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