【draw】to【curve】【neatly】for【handmade lure】


【draw】to【curve】【neatly】for【handmade lure】

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  Well, this time

“To draw the handmade lure curve neatly”


At first, it’s easy to do, but once you get used it, you want to make a proper design.

I will introduce the calculation method and how to draw a curve.

Be reading this article

You can learn

You will be able to draw the curve you want.

I will introduce a method to draw the curve as desired without using a PC.


I will introduce…

No.1 Determine the height, width, and height.

First of all, clarify the height, width, and height of your lure.

No.2  Prepare a calculation method.

It will be calculated by applying it to the method.

No.4 Actually measure and draw a curve.

I actually measure the calculated numbers and draw the curve.

No.5 It is a success if the width is exactly right.

It is recommended that the compass is stiff and does not shift easily.

Of course…

Machines are more accurate, and PCs are now the mainstream.


If you are going to make things in the future,

it is always useful knowledge,

so let’s master at this time.

I hope this article will help your process.

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