This is 【rein to pencil】of【handmade lure】


This is 【rein to pencil】of【handmade lure】

Hello, I am Sekino Urusi by

“rein to pencil”


I run lucquer workshop

“Sekino Urusi” 



  Well, this time

“This is the rein to pencil handmade lures”


I would like to introduce my lures.

Be reading this article.

What kind of technique or traditional technique is used for the “rein to pencil” lure?

You can know.


Then introduce…

No.1  Drawing in the design.

My lure draws a picture in the design.

I am confident that is my original, which cannot be found anywhere else.

No.2  Lacquer coating.

My lure used lacquer for coating.

Lacquer is not suitable for lures because it is weak against ultraviolet rays and seawater, but it is reinforced by applying it well and folding i.

I am proud that technology is also my original, which no one else can imitate.

No.3  Shell decorate.

The decoration of real shellfish is also a unique feature of my lure.

I am proud that this technology is unique to me.

No.4 Lacquer coloring.

Coloring with lacquer is a technique unique to my lure.

The lures produced through the process of carefully painting each one by hand produce a calming color that other do not have.

No.5  Original eyes.

The eyes used a traditional technique called “TUIKIN” which is also a technique that no one else can imitate.

With this technology, we have created a three-dimensional effect that cannot be found anywhere else.

No.6  Proper use of coating solvent.

My lure used different coating solvents for each process.

This is also to make the lacquer fit well, and everything is exquisitely folded to complete the work.

No.7  Complete.

In this way, the “rein to pencil” lures is completed through various special processes not found in ordinary lures.

Please pick up an “rein to pencil” lure that no one else can imitate and feel it by actually touching it.

I am sure you will like it.


Is this perfect?



That is not case.


I think it is important to make better products through trial and error every day.

In “rein to pencil”, I will continue to work on my daily work with such feeling.

I hope this article will help your process.

If you have any questions about the article or if you have any concerns about lacquer, Please contact us.


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