Just 【weight】【balance】 of 【handmade lure】


Just 【weight】【balance】 of 【handmade lure】

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Well this time

“How to adjust weight balance and buoyancy”


How do you determine the buoyancy adjustment of the lure and the number and position of the weights?

This time, though it is my own method, I will introduce the work process so I think it will be a little helpful.

Be reading this article

Lean how to adjust the weight balance.

It is as simple as possible, so I think it will be helpful for those who are just starting to make lure.

No.1 Check buoyancy.

First, check the overall buoyancy.

The method is to stick the needle to be used with tape and float on the water.

Next, gradually add weight to derive optimal buoyancy.


Be careful when adjusting with normal water because seawater has a strong buoyancy.

No.2 Check the placement and distribution of weights.

Once the weight of the required buoyancy is known, this time we will decide on the distribution and location.

The method is to first distribute roughly and repeat the swim test and make fine adjustments.

No.3 Repeat the test and adjustment.

After that, just repeat this process.

Although it is a patient process, it is a very important part and I will do my best.

Repeat the above steps…

The rest is a painstaking task,

but repeat until you find the best balance.

However, once it is decided, it is easy to create the data based on that data.

I hope this article will help your process.

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