When make 【handmade lure】 two 【failures】


When make 【handmade lure】 two 【failures】

Hello, I am Sekino Urusi by

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I run lacquer workshop

“Sekino Urusi” 


I am a lacquer artist who likes making lures and painting.

Well this time

“Two mistakes I made when I started making handmade lure”


Everyone doesn’t want to fail at first.

Of course I am, but I often fail. lol

This time I would like to introduce my failure story so I hope it will be helpful.

Be reading this article

I think you can avoid things that might fail in production.

No.1 The story is solid wood.

Every tree will be together.

At first I thought, but the tree I bought at the beginning was really hard and the blade was broken.

It’s much harder than I think of a tree.

Depending on the type, some wood is difficult to even cut rather than cut.


As  a countermeasure, I arrived at balsa wood while trying various woods.

The balsa wood is soft and easy to process, and the work progresses smoothly.

Of course, softness has weakness because it is weak, but it is covered by another process such coating.


Click here for a detailed article about balsa wood.

No.2 A story that I went to buy because my hands stopped in places due to lack of tools.

When I tried to cut it, I went to buy without sawing, and when I tried to cut, I went to buy without a file…

I didn’t have what I needed, so I was stuck each time it happened.

I’m always random…

handmadelure making tools
  • Saw
  • Sword
  • Sand paper
  • Wood
  • Bond
  • Wire


It is best keep this area from the beginning.

If you have all the necessary items, you can work smoothly without stopping your hands.


Click here for more detailed article on tools.

And like this…

There ere still a lot of mistakes, but this time I introduced two important things to make it smooth from the start.

The most

But I think the most important thing is make improvements and repeat them even if you fail.

In order to make a beautiful and perfect handmade lure smoothly, repeated mistakes and improvements may be the best shortcut.

I hope this article will help your process.

If you have any questions about the article or if you have any concerns about lacquer, Please contact us.


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