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How to 【mold】 of 【handmade lure】

Hello, I am Sekino Urusi by

“rein to pencil”


I run lacquer workshop

“Sekino Urusi” 


I am a lacquer artist who likes making lures and painting.



Well this time

“I will show you how to mold”


How is lure molding done?

The lure of “rein to pencil” is a lamination type, so it requires some tricks in the molding process to evenly align both sides.

This time, I will introduce these processes one by one.

It will surely help you make your lure.

Be reading this article

I will introduce my original molding method.

No.1 Rough parts are roughly trimmed.

First of all,

we will remove the irregularities and prepare them.

A paper file may be used, but a stick file is much easier to work with.

No.2 Apply a pattern to clarify the molding points.

How to make a pattern is introduced in this article.

How to shape an image of a lure

No.3 I will sharpen it with a knife and a file.

I will sharpen it with knife and a file.

Rough molding is completed in this process.

Next, I will move on to more detailed molding.

No.4 Sharp corners to form gentle and even curves.

First of all, make a border with tape as shown in the image,

and cut it little from the tap.

Masking tape is recommended.

No.4 In the same way, cut the lower row.

Replace the tape as shown in the image above and enter the lower mold.

No.5 Finally, enter the center molding.

Replace the tape as shown in the image above and enter the center molding.

No.6 Trim the whole.

Repeat the adjustment from various angles.

Once it has  been prepared to some extent,

I will replace it with a finer file.

No.7 Complete.

This completes the entire process.

From here, we will strengthen the base and add design.

Of course this is not the perfect way.

Rather, there are many better ways.

Also, in the present era, the hollowing out method seems to be more mainstream than the bonding.


I am proud of the lure I made this way,

which I have repeatedly failed,

and I will continue to produce better works.

I hope this article will help your process.

If you have any questions about the article or if you have any concerns about lacquer, Please contact us.


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