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The 【eyes】 of my 【handmade lure】

Hello, I am Sekino Urusi by

“rein to pencil”


I run lucquer workshop

“Sekino Urusi” 


I am a lacquer artist who likes making lures and painting.


Well this time

“Make eyes with traditional techniques”


“rein to pencil” lures use traditional techniques in the eye making process.

What technique is used?

Let’s take a look at the production process.

Be reading this article

This article introduces the traditional technique of lacquer “TUIKIN” transmitted to OKINAWA.

Please see techniques unique to OKINAWA.

No.1 Heat the lacquer over the fire.

First, heat the lacquer.

Heating makes the subsequent work process smoother.

No.2 Mix with colored powder.

Transfer the heated lacquer to a worktable such as a vat and mix it with a color powder called pigment.

No.3 Hit and knead more.

If it mixes to some extent, hit it with a hammer and knead it further.

It’s okay if the shape is well organized.

No.4 Stretch thin and punch out.

Once the shape is solid to some extent, it will be stretched thinly.

Once stretched out, cut it out to your favorite shape with a die cutter or design knife.

No.5 Paste in good balance.

Once the mold is finished, move it to a separate sheet and paste it in a well-balanced manner.

Since it is clay-like, various decorations are possible, such as pushing and spreading.

No.6 Completed.

The above technique is called “TUIKIN”.

From here it slowly dries over time, forming a stronger film after about half a year.

Although it takes terrible work…

It is not worth the time and effort.

If you put a sticker on your eyes, it is a process that takes only a few seconds.


Among the many lacquer processes,

it is a traditional technique unique to OKINAWA,

so I would like to leave it for future generations.

I hope this article will help your process.

If you have any questions about the article or if you have any concerns about lacquer, Please contact us.


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