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About lures called 【pencil bait】

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Well this time

“About lures called pencil”


Do you often use pencil lure?

There are various types lures, but from this, we will introduce the pencil.

Be reading this article

I think that can learn how to use the pencil bait and its characteristics, and have a wide range of fishing activities.

No.1  Main feature.

The main feature is a fish-shaped lure that has no lip.

With low air resistance, it has excellent flight distance and can quickly search a wide area.

You can also appeal to the fish more naturally.

No.2 Floating and sinking.

There are roughly two types, fronting and sinking.

Not only is it floating or sinking, but each has its own characteristics and it is very important to use them properly.

Let’s introduce the difference.

Floating type

No.3 Features of floating type.

Most of the shapes are slightly thicker.

If it is just rolled, it will come back straight as it is, so some action is required.

It has a shorter flight distance than the sinking type, but since it moves from the surface of the water directly below the surface with a wave, it has a high appeal to fish.

Also, from a handmade perspective, it is one of the lures that is easy to balance and easy to make.

Sinking type

No.4 Features of sinking type.

There are many slim types.

You can swim and fish naturally even if you roll it, but you can make it more appealing by adding action.

Compared to the floating types, this is a lure that can fly more easily and can be widely searched from the water surface to the seabed, but its appeal is a little weak because the action is quiet.

Also, from a handmade perspective, it is difficult to make a balance because it is difficult to balance.

Of course…

There are many other good lures.

Pencil bait is just one of many lure option in the situation.

Still I think

However, the fact that can appeal to fish naturally while exploring a wide range can be reliable tool in any field.

In addition to that, I think that fishing with a pencil bait that devises lure action etc. to lead to a hit is a lure that trains anglers.

Everyone, please look for an attractive pencil bait for fish and yourself.

It’s a bit of an advertisement, but I also make pencil baits in my workshop, so please take a look.


Lure shop “rein to pencil”

I hope this article will help your process.

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