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In pursuit of one and only handmade lure.

Hello, I am Sekino Urusi by “rein to pencil”

I run lucquer workshop “Sekino Urusi”  in OKINAWA.

At “rein to pencil” we are making lures in pursuit of unique products every day.

All of them are completely original and limited.

By all means, please feel the lure, but one piece of work made by a lacquer artist.

From rein to pencil to “Night foot step”

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What is the difference between an “rein to pencil” lure and normal lure?

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This is the “rein to pencil” handmade lures.


#4c kanseihome coco2 216-4
azaminatogawa yaesetyou simajirigun okinawa
Phone 070-3800-3226



Lureshop rein to penchil

stores  https://rein-to-pencil.stores.jp

ETSY  https://www.etsy.com/jp/shop/reintopencil

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